Thursday, October 13, 2011

Road Bowling Results:

2011 King and Queen of the Road, Ballincurrig, Co. Cork October 7-9 2011.
Friday Ocotber 7:
Queen of the Roads semi-final 1:
Kelly Mallon defeated Carmel Ryan last shot and Fenja Frerichs one bowl (Stake 600x3 and €2,600 Mallon v Ryan).
Hurley's of Midleton King of the Road semi-final 1:
Ralf Rocker defeated Gary Daly and Christy Mullins one bowl (Stake 600x3 and €8,400 Daly-Mullins).
Queen of the Road semi-final 2:
Silke Tulk defeated Catriona O'Farrell/Kidney one bowl and Denise Murphy two bowls (Stake €2,000 Tulk v O'Farrell/Kidney and €900 X3).
Saturday October 8:
Hurley's of Midleton King of the Roads semi-final 2
David Murphy defeated Conor McGuigan last shot and Robert Meijer one bowl (Stake €400 Murphy v McGuigan).
Smart's Bar President's Prize doubles:
Ethan Raferty/Colm Rafferty defeated Kieran Murphy/Neil Crowley two bowls (Stake €7,400).
East Cork Oil Challenge: Paul O'Reilly/Donal Daly defeated P J Cooney/Wayne Kingston one bowl for €2,600.
Junior Queen of the Roads challenge:
Joyce and Merlin Leussink defeated Catriona Murphy/Carly Grimley two bowls.
Sunday October 9:
Jim O'Driscoll Cup final:
Brian Wilmot defeated Thomas Mackle last shot and David Hubbard one bowl. (Stake €600 x 3 and €5,200 Wilmot v Hubbard).
Charlie McCarthy Cup doubles:
Paul Grimley/Shane O'Neill defeated James Nagle/William O'Donnell one bowl (Stake €4,600).
Hurley's of Midleton King of the Roads final:
David Murphy defeated Rolf Rocker one bowl.
Queen of the Roads final:
Kelly Mallon defeated Silke Tulk last shot.